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A little tip..

For his head to fly off, you have to annoy yerself, then your head will explode! Meaning, you have to click him a lot and his head will pop off due to a paradox or something. Don't worry, yer not dead yet. It's kinda fun going around with out yer head. It'll be a bit funnier if he was running like a chicken with no head.

Anyways, it's a great game. Too bad it's so short. I really like the desert music, too bad when it gets to the good part you die.


I don't know if it's my computer or if it's my browser or the version of flash I have, but each time I play this game, no matter what site it is on, this kills firefox and I have to restart it. And this only happens between battles when I'm about to make a move.

good update

I like the fancy pants guy and all the stuff on there, I like that's it's based upon newgrounds and stuff.
I am disapointed that you don't want to have more fighters, but there are so many more good ones that you can do. I would like to see Bitey and Blockhead (and possibly concience). Possibly the Clown as a unlockable. It would also be neat to have more challenges.

exellent game

I like the many tanks you have and the coloration of them. Defently better than the first one. The looks of the tanks were amazing. I love the leech tank, it's a menance, the ability to get more bubbles auto matically and has virus thingys.

The attack buttons from your ship though should be slightly darker or the enemies is slightly darker because it's hard to see the color differnce. it would be helpful if your ship was darker too. Could you maek the ping noise softer? I would love to have the abilty to save the gave whilist on it.

Also would it hurt to have the person to change the primary shoting? I had to pause many times because my con. tablet made my hand hurt.

For the next one, make the audence chose what the next powerups should be. For example they get only to chose one wepon on the first level up. They can also select what they want the ship wants to look like. (but don't really explain, let them figure it out or posibly have it so the wepon makes the shape of the ship). When they level up more, they are able to select weps and 2nd weps based upon the current shape/size of the ship. And they select the ship again. and after each level it can auto save and then after they reach max lev they can save whenever they want.


It's a fairly simple game, but it's fun and all. I would like to have an upgrade able rotation thing where it starts off like this one but gets better. Maybe in the latter levels, after a certian period of time the orbs start to come together? Maybe more lives or easier way to obtain them? Also it wouldn't hurt to have a slower and more stupid AntiGFO at the beggining.

squidsquid responds:

Thanks, yeah people seem to want more lives more easily, and a more stupid evil gluefo is a good idea.

tone it down

While it is a good game, the cpus on aveture mode are way too hard and it is difficult to kill the two marios just starting out in the game, easier foes would be nice and where the screen ends, the charaters can still walk on it you should make them die doing so.


it's really slow start and it is very lagging. I do like the color of the crystal things though, maybe incorporate them into something else. Retro games are good, but you really didn't change it up much. Just keep trying.

great game

I like the game, but I'm still stuck on the heros. I'll get back to that latter.

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